Residential Impact Windows & Doors

We supply and install Hurricane Guard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors by Lawson Industries.

Hurricane Guard by Lawson allows you to experience the best of both worlds; the beautiful and efficient design of Lawson windows and doors with impact resistant protection that until now was possible only with shutters.

Hurricane Guard products undergo rigorous quality testing procedures and are approved by the Product Control Department of Miami – Dade County, one of the most demanding code approving bodies in the U.S.

Benefits of Switching to Residential Impact Windows and Doors

Residential impact windows & doors are becoming the preferred type of window and door. The benefits of hurricane resistant impact products are massive. RC Cole Construction believes in all the great qualities of impact doors and windows, which is why we are happy to supply and install Hurricane Guard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors by Lawson Industries.

Impact Windows are Hurricane Resistant at Installation

After your hurricane resistant impact windows and doors are installed, your products will already be prepared to provide you with hurricane-level protection. Unlike shutters that need to be put up prior to a hurricane, impact windows & doors are ready to go with no additional coverage needed. The Hurricane Guard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors by Lawson Industries are equipped to handle the roughest of winds, tropical storms, and hurricanes.

Protection is Provided by Impact Products

Impact products provide more safety and protection than just from hurricanes alone. Due to the impact products being created to be shatterproof, they are extremely strong and difficult to break into. The impact windows and doors are glazed with thick laminated glass to withstand abrasion and heavy winds. This attribute ends up helping to keep intruders from smashing inside a home.

Impact Windows & Doors are Energy Efficient

The hurricane-resistant impact windows & doors are energy efficient products because they keep the outdoor heat from seeping through the windows. This protective effect occurs because the glazed glass is thick enough to remit the heat, which lets any air conditioning system on the inside maintain its level of coolness.

Outside Noise is Reduced With Impact Windows

Impact windows and doors are so well insulated that outside noise is not able to be heard from the inside of the home. This can be particularly convenient for people who live by busy roads and highways, have loud neighbors, or live near loud industries or businesses. It’s definitely helpful to have sound reduction in the home, especially if you are a family with odd sleep times and need to get some rest when others are awake.

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors Can Bring Down Insurance Rates

Homeowners insurance can actually go down when you pace hurricane resistant impact windows & doors in your home. This is because impact products protect your home from the very minute of installation. The additional protection provided by the impact windows and doors in understood by insurance companies and after a home inspection is conducted, there may be premium discounts on rates provided as a result.

Impact Products Provide Protection From Harmful UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays can cause a lot of damage to bright colored clothing or material, furniture, photographs, and paper. These rays are so potent that the color can weaken and fade. However, impact products are able to reflect these harmful rays away, so they do not come through the glass and affect any materials. All of your household belongings can stay as rich and pure in color as when you purchased them.

Why Turn to RC Cole Construction for Hurricane Resistant Impact Windows & Doors

At RC Cole Construction, we distribute and install Hurricane Guard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors by Lawson Industries. We couldn’t be more confident about the immense benefits that this brand of impact windows & doors provides. When you have children and family to be concerned about, choosing impact windows and doors can help you to feel confident in the safety of your home. Let RC Cole Construction install your hurricane resistant impact windows by Lawson Industries today.


We are pleased  to offer a 10% project discount to active/retired military, police, fire and teachers.



Will provide you with the minimum clear opening size required by code.


Should window hinge on right or left; should window slide from right to left?


A building’s exterior elevation in many cases is completed by a window’s configuration.


A beautiful view can be compromised by unnecessary horizontal or vertical obstructions.


Will the window provide the most efficient use when furniture is in place?


A window located in close proximity to an operable door may interfere if window is hinged improperly.


Certain height windows may interfere with the beam or present sill height conflict.

Lawson produces a wide variety of designer and custom shaped framed windows. The most popular are:
Single hung windows
Horizontal Rolling windows
Casement windows

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All windows are manufactured with aluminum frames that come in a choice of colors. Aluminum is more durable, less expensive and low maintenance. Aluminum wont rust, warp or absorb moisture and has low expansion/contraction characteristics. Aluminum wont scuff like vinyl or wood.

Why High Impact Windows Matter

Weather Resistant

From Hurricane Sandy to Hurricane Katrina, we are experiencing more and more aggressive storms, capable of wreaking havoc on unprotected homes. Having hurricane windows and doors are capable of withstanding gusts of up to 200 miles per hour

Energy Efficient

Typically, energy inefficient windows can make a home lose up to 30% of its heat or air conditioning, leading to uncomfortable temperatures and unnecessarily high bills. Ultimately, these windows can lower your heating bills between seven and 15% annually.


Did you know that home invasions happen every 13 seconds? While this is indeed alarming, investing in impact resistant windows and doors will help you feel prepared and safe from intruders.