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Delray Beach Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Service

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is a trending home improvement project in Delray Beach. When you are considering a home addition or house remodeling project, a good option for you is to reach out to a professional remodeling contractor company. At RC Cole Construction, we are dedicated to helping people who desire their dream home renovation in Delray Beach. We know it can seem stressful for you to take on yourself, but this is why we believe the finished project should be a great motivator and we want to take the pressure off your shoulders by leading the project from beginning to completion.

Advantages of Home Renovations in Delray Beach

Renovating your home in Delray Beach can benefit you in a variety of ways. Not only will you have a great change made to your home but you will also have your ideas brought to life.

Home Improvement Projects Increase Property Value

Who doesn’t want their home in Delray Beach to be more valuable? Any time you make improvements to the structure of your home, the value of your home goes up. Whether you do minor updates in the home or completely fix it up and work on remodeling the entire home, you are investing in your future.

Renovating a Home Provides Desired Comfort

Home improvement projects allow for you to get the level of comfort you want. For example, you may feel like one area of your home is congested or that you don’t have enough space and would like to add a room onto the house. Remodeling your home provides you this opportunity to make any area in the home as comfortable as you would like.

Home Remodeling Allows for Personalized Feel

If you have bought your house, then you may feel like the design and rooms are set up in a way that doesn’t compliment your taste. A home renovation gives the opportunity for you to add your personal touch. Maybe you think that the kitchen layout is outdated or that the floors need to be changed out. Whatever the change is, you get to decide according to your personal preference.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas in Delray Beach

The kitchen is a major part of the home. After all, there are so many uses for the room, including for food preparation, meetings, family dinners, friendly conversation, bill payment, reading, and more. For a lot of homes, the kitchen is the center of the home. If you aren’t comfortable in your own kitchen, then considering a kitchen renovation could be a fantastic idea for you.

Choose A New Kitchen Cabinet Layout During Home Renovation

Whether your kitchen cabinets are outdated or you just don’t like the design, changing the kitchen cabinetry can help create an entirely new space in the kitchen. Most kitchens have a slew of cabinets, so they cover a majority of the kitchen. This creates one way to make a drastic but preferred change in your kitchen. There are all types of sizes, designs, textures, and colors of cabinets to choose from.

Add Kitchen Wall Tiles and Change Kitchen Wall Colors

If you don’t have kitchen wall tiles, then you should consider adding some! These are trending in popularity because they add an elaborate and elegant feel to the room. You can select your prefered colors, shapes, and designs. If kitchen wall tiles isn’t for you, then maybe think about changing the wall color itself. Kitchen renovations are great because it allows you to add your own taste!

Select Best Flooring for Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation means that you get to choose what you feel is the best flooring for your kitchen. Some people prefer hardwood flooring in their kitchen while others like the idea of tiles. If you decide to go with hardwood floors, you get the options of glossy, matte, and more. A new trend is even using polished concrete on kitchen floors. This allows you to choose colors and finishes you like as well. Tiles create a different experience because you can consider shape, texture, color, design, and formation.

Look At Kitchen Island Options and New Kitchen Layouts

Not all kitchens are created equally, which is why redesigning your kitchen layout can help you get the kitchen you have always wanted. Kitchen islands are a popular choice if there is enough space in the area. Other designs include a horseshoe or L shaped layout where cabinets are put together to form these shapes. Whether you decide one of these or add a kitchen island, you get to select your ideal kitchen set up during this home renovation process.

Delray Beach Residential Bathroom Renovations

Remodeling your bathroom is another major way to change up the style of your home. You may have bought a home with a small bathroom and want to expand it, or you may feel it’s time to update that bathtub, sink, or shower. Either way, bathroom renovations in Delray Beach are fairly common.

Select Different Color or Textured Bathroom Tiles

Changing the color scheme in the bathroom of your Delray Beach home can set a completely new tone to the room. This can be beneficial, especially if you are trying to make the room appear larger. When you use lighter-colored tiles, you can make the bathroom seem wider than it truly is. This can provide a more open feel as opposed to how darker colors can create a closed and cramped sensation. You could always go with your choice of colored tiles if size is not an issue and there is even the option of the types of tiles to put in place on the bathroom floor. While ceramic is one of the most popular tile choices, there are other options, such as travertine, porcelain, marble, granite, and more.

Consider Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets

Not all bathrooms come with a vanity or even enough storage space. It can be nice to switch from just having the basic bathroom necessities to having additional space to put your toiletries and move around in. There are many different types of objects that go into a bathroom like towels, hairdryers, make up, cleaning supplies, and more. A lack of space for storage in the bathroom can make the room feel congested. However, having a beautiful vanity and bathroom cabinets can be useful, as well as bring a more clean, full look.

Switch Type of Bathroom Shower Doors or Styles

There are a vast amount of shower options available today, so you can add a bathroom shower with the style and door you prefer during a bathroom renovation. Some showers have doors that open outward, other showers have sliding glass doors, and then there are some that only have a curtain! Changing the type of shower style from what you currently have can make the room appear more classy, fun, and clean!

Choose RC Cole Construction for All Boynton Beach Home Renovations

Whether you are moving in the direction of a kitchen improvement project or bathroom remodel, RC Cole Construction can recreate your home to be the place you’ve always dreamed of living in. As professionals when it comes to design, the team at RC Cole makes your ideas a priority and follows through with the commitment of creating the most ideal room additions or alterations. With over 20 years of home renovation experience, RC Cole maintains its high standards and aims to please every homeowner. Are you stressing over finding the perfect remodeling contractor for your home renovation projects? To get your free consultation so you can get started on the home transformation of your dreams with RC Cole Construction, call (561)-737-4643 today or complete the contact form.