Commercial Impact Windows & Doors

We supply and install Hurricane Guard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors by Lawson Industries.

Hurricane Guard by Lawson allows you to experience the best of both worlds; the beautiful and efficient design of Lawson windows and doors with impact resistant protection that until now was possible only with shutters.

Hurricane Guard products undergo rigorous quality testing procedures and are approved by the Product Control Department of Miami – Dade County, one of the most demanding code approving bodies in the U.S.



Will provide you with the minimum clear opening size required by code.


Should window hinge on the right or left; should window slide from right to left?


A building’s exterior elevation in many cases is completed by a window’s configuration.


A beautiful view can be compromised by unnecessary horizontal or vertical obstructions.


Will the window provide the most efficient use when furniture is in place?


A window located in close proximity to an operable door may interfere if the window is hinged improperly.


Certain height windows may interfere with the beam or present sill height conflict.

Lawson produces a wide variety of designer and custom shaped framed windows. The most popular are:

  • Single hung windows
  • Horizontal Rolling windows
  • Casement windows

Why Opt for Commercial Impact Windows and Doors?

Impact windows and doors aren’t only great for residences but also for commercial locations too. Whether you are looking to add or switch over to commercial impact windows and doors, there are a number of advantages that these hurricane resistant products provide. From providing hurricane protection to securing your commercial products and interior to minimizing noise to helping you save money on your insurance, impact windows and doors installed by RC Cole Construction can be extremely helpful!

Hurricane Protection Upon Installation

One of the major benefits of impact windows and doors being installed by RC Cole Construction is that they provide hurricane protection for your commercial location. These windows will be able to provide the protection without any change being done to them after, whereas if you purchase shutters, you are required to put them up over windows prior to the hurricane. Commercial impact windows and doors installed by RC Cole Construction don’t require you to do anything – they are hurricane resistant on their own! RC Cole Construction installs Hurricane Guard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors by Lawson Industries that are so efficient that they can handle the toughest of winds and hurricanes.

Noise Reduction with Commercial Impact Windows

As if hurricane protection wasn’t great enough as a benefit of having commercial impact windows, you also will notice that there is a significant reduction in noise. This noise reduction can be an essential benefit for commercial locations, especially retail and restaurant locations where unintentional outdoor noise is best kept to a minimum. With impact windows and doors, you never have to worry about hearing the noise from next-door or the outdoor traffic on the sidewalk.

Promote Energy Efficiency

Commercial impact windows and doors also provide the excellent feature of being energy efficient. What does this mean exactly for your commercial location? It means you could save money on your air conditioning and heat. The commercial impact windows that are provided by RC Cole Construction are energy efficient due to their unique composition and thickness. The cold from outside and the heat from the sun won’t be able to seep through due to these qualities, which ultimately will prevent you from needing to blast the heat or pump the air conditioning as much.

Protect Your Store Goods

Impact windows and doors are particularly great for your commercial location because they are resistant to heavy winds and potential damage that could result from weather conditions. While severe storms and hurricanes can break traditional windows and destroy the inside of your business location, impact windows can protect your store or commercial location’s goods since they are so resistant!

Why Choose RC Cole Construction for Commercial Impact Window & Door Installation?

RC Cole Construction offers and installs Hurricane Guard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors by Lawson Industries that are strong enough to provide your business the protection you desire! Impact windows and doors are truly beneficial for commercial locations so that you never have to stress about them being broken as a result of strong winds or interior damage as a result. For the best impact windows and doors in the business, turn to RC Cole Construction.

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All windows are manufactured with aluminum frames that come in a choice of colors. Aluminum is more durable, less expensive and low maintenance. Aluminum won’t rust, warp or absorb moisture and has low expansion/contraction characteristics. Aluminum won’t scuff like vinyl or wood.

Why High Impact Windows Matter

Weather Resistant

From Hurricane Sandy to Hurricane Katrina, we are experiencing more and more aggressive storms, capable of wreaking havoc on unprotected homes. Having hurricane windows and doors are capable of withstanding gusts of up to 200 miles per hour.

Energy Efficient

Typically, energy inefficient windows can make a home lose up to 30% of its heat or air conditioning, leading to uncomfortable temperatures and unnecessarily high bills. Ultimately, these windows can lower your heating bills between seven and 15% annually.


Did you know that home invasions happen every 13 seconds? While this is indeed alarming, investing in impact-resistant windows and doors will help you feel prepared and safe from intruders.