Residential Home Additions

Residential Home Additions

From custom residential additions to the perfect add-ons for your home, the specialists here at RC Cole Construction have nearly two decades of hands-on expertise designing and building structural upgrades. In addition to installing stunning kitchen remodels, bringing beautiful bathroom upgrades to life, and integrating impact window and doors, we are South Florida’s premier choice for reliability and results when it comes to custom residential construction projects.

The experienced contractors and professional experts at RC Cole Construction have been providing top-tier premier residential construction services to Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Lake Worth residents for over 19 years. If you are considering a residential home addition, speak with one of our specialists today about your project thoughts and we will be happy to discuss the options, assess the scope, and provide a comprehensive free quote for your construction needs. Read More…

Home Addition Options for Home Improvement Plans

Home additions are widely prevalent home improvement projects. Some people may choose to completely renovate their homes by adding several additions to the home while others may just want one extra space added. Either way, it’s helpful to have the expertise of professionals at a renovation and addition contractor company.

Family Room Additions

A popular home addition includes family room additions. There are a lot of homes, especially older ones, that have little space when you walk inside and no open area for a family room. Having home addition contractors help with this type of project can prove to be beneficial because experts understand measurement limits and house regulations. Professional home addition contractors like our team at RC Cole Construction can let you know if your desired location for a family room addition is permitted and then begin the process if it is. Family room additions make fantastic home additions because it can provide a larger or extra space for gatherings. Even when there is a living room area in a home, it can be congested or too open with other spaces like the kitchen or walk-in area. Family room additions can be turned into separate rooms with doors, have a larger ceiling, or just have more space in general.

Sunroom Additions

A lot of people like the idea of a sunroom addition because it provides an outdoor experience in a covered space. While people may consider this type of room addition a luxury, the beautiful type of room addition can provide additional storage space, a dining area, resting place, or office area.

Kitchen Additions

It’s not uncommon for people to want kitchen additions. Certain homes have a tiny kitchen area or even kitchenettes. The solution to a larger and more open kitchen is renovating your home and getting a kitchen addition. At RC Cole Construction, we work to provide you with the design and end result you desire. We have worked on all types of kitchen additions and we look at all possibilities for creating more space. We want you to be happy with your result, so we take the time to go over all of your different options. After all, the kitchen is an important place in the home. It is where families gather, spend meals together, and discuss important matters. This is why we want to make a kitchen you love being in!

Master Bedroom Addition

While a home may have one or several bedrooms, there still might not be that one large master bedroom you have always wanted. That is where a master bedroom addition comes into play. When you work with home addition contractors at RC Cole, we go over what you want and work to figure out how to make it happen. A bedroom can provide peace and tranquility, but it may also need space for storage, clothes, relaxation, entertainment devices, and more. A traditional bedroom may not be large enough for the type of lifestyle you wanted to create. When you speak with a home addition contractor, you can address your ideas for a master bedroom, which might include optimal space, a section for watching television, a large walk-in closet, and even a bathroom.

Porch Additions

An excellent choice for a residential home addition is a porch addition. When you can have a portion of your home extended for experiencing the outdoors, it is especially exciting. Porch additions provide that extra closed space for lounging, reading, family dining, and conversation. This is great for families because it’s a safe spot for kids to be, and ideal for everyone to experience some nice weather too.

Bedroom Additions

Whether you are welcoming a new baby into the world or are in need of a place to stay for guests, adding an extra bedroom can be beneficial. Bedroom additions are fairly popular because people tend to have relatives and friends stay over, and they may want a designated space for them besides the living room couch.

Add a Second Floor Addition to Your House

Maybe you have a bottom floor, but have always wanted a top floor. Adding a second floor addition to your home can be a great idea because it provides you with the opportunity for multiple spaces where you can do just about anything. From including space for bedroom additions to additional bathrooms and all the way to children’s play areas, a second floor addition can be the home addition you need to feel maximum comfort.

Have RC Cole Construction Complete Your Home Additions

No matter what type of home addition you require, you can count on RC Cole Construction to walk you through every step of the way and help to create your dream home. Room additions are growing in popularity and you may truly require extra rooms for family, so don’t hold back on looking into your home addition options. Call RC Cole Construction today or fill out our contact form.