West Palm Beach Home Remodels

If you are looking to home remodels or renovations in West Palm Beach, then RC Cole Construction is the company for you! With nearly two decades of experience in kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations and new home additions in West Palm, we have built a reputation of excellence in construction and quality customer service. RC Cole Construction works closely with all of its West Palm Beach clients to make sure that their dream home renovation becomes a reality!

Benefits of Choosing RC Cole Construction for Your Home Renovations and Remodels in West Palm Beach

No matter what the condition of your home, or what you would like to have done to your home, RC Cole Construction is the right company for you. We work on remodeling and renovation projects of all types and all sizes. Whether you have a small home and would just like a bathroom remodel, or you would like a new modern look to your kitchen, we can work closely with you to realize your dream home!

Increase the Value of Your Home With a New Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel

Having worked with so many clients in West Palm Beach over the years, we know what type of work adds value to the home. It is important when undertaking a new remoeling project that not only do you achieve the dream look for your new kitchen or bathroom, but also that this project adds value to your home. Working with RC Cole, you can rest assured that the money you invest into your home will be returned should you ever choose to sell the house.

Create a New Atmosphere in Your Home With a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Even if you love your home, sometimes people just want a new feel or atmosphere to their bathroom or kitchen. We can do everything from just an installation of new kitchen cabinets, or retiling the bathroom floor, or we can tear it all down to create a beautiful new space for you. You may love the layout of your home but find that it lacks a certain feel to it that you would like to achieve. By speaking with one of the specialists at RC Cole Construction today, we can discuss the ideas that you have, turn them into a beautiful new design, and move forward with creating the new atmosphere that you desire.

Increase the Comforts of Your Home With a West Palm Beach Home Remodel

Maybe you are not happy with the current layout of your home. If you feel that your home needs more than just a bathroom renovation, RC Cole Construction is here for you! If you feel that your home is congested, or have ideas on how you would like to open up more space in the floor plan, work with RC Cole Construction today. Whether it is the layout of the kitchen or the whole floor plan that you would like to be rearranged, RC Cole can work with you to design and construct your dream home layout!

Beautiful West Palm Beach Kitchen Renovations

RC Cole specializes in West Palm Beach kitchen remodeling. No matter what you are looking to have done with your kitchen, we can help your dreams come true. Whether you have an outdated kitchen that you would like updated with new cabinets and appliances, or if you would like to change the entire layout of your kitchen, RC Cole Construction is the company for you.

Upgrade or Refinish Your Existing Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most popular methods of redoing a kitchen would be to install new cabinets or refinishing the old ones. Cabinets definitely have one of the biggest impacts on the appearance and feel of a kitchen. Even if everything else in the kitchen is brand new, having outdated or ugly cabinets can totally ruin the feel of the rest of the kitchen. Let RC Cole Construction work with you to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, and it can give your entire house a new feel!

Install New Flooring in Your West Palm Beach Kitchen

After cabinets, the next thing of importance in a kitchen would be the flooring. Having outdated flooring in your kitchen can lead to having a totally outdated kitchen. If you replace this with new flooring, it can lead to the appearance of an entirely new kitchen. If you match a new floor with the right cabinets and updated appliances, you can really achieve the ideal kitchen that you envision.

Design an Entirely New Kitchen With a Beautiful Color Scheme in Mind

One of the more important aspects to factor in when designing a new kitchen that you would like to remodel would be the color scheme. It is important to have contrasting colors that compliment each other. You may not understand the ins and outs of a proper color scheme, but may have a certain color in mind that you would like to focus on or include. The experts at RC Cole Construction know which colors go together, and can take your ideas and turn them into a beautiful color scheme that will be everything you imagined and then some.

West Palm Beach Bathroom remodels and Renovations

The second most popular room in the house that people choose to remodel in West Palm Beach would be the bathroom. it is important to have a warm, comfortable feel to the bathroom, and RC Cole has nearly two decades of experience designing and constructing new bathroom remodels, and our clients are beyond satisfied with every project that we complete!

Upgrade Your Bathroom Floor When Remodeling Your Bathroom

There are several different factors to consider when renovating your bathroom, one of them being installing new flooring. Whether you want marble or granite tiles or a new laminate or even hardwood, we can do it all. It is important that the flooring goes along with the rest of the bathroom remodel, and RC Cole Construction can help you to design an entire new bathroom layout with all new flooring and more.

Install New Cabinetry and Counter Tops in Your Bathroom

Along with new flooring in your bathroom, an upgraded vanity with beautiful new cabinets, counter tops and sinks can really enhance the feel and comfort of your bathroom. RC Cole Construction knows how to design and install a new vanity where every facet of your bathroom goes together to create the look and feel that you desire in your new bathroom.

Add More Space To Your Bathroom With an Updated Layout Design

Older bathrooms in West Palm Beach can tend to have a very cramped feel or layout to them. Let RC Cole Construction work with you to create a new layout for your bathroom that will lead to a much more spacey and comfortable feel. We have worked with numerous West Palm Beach clients who want a new design and layout for their bathroom. We take your ideas and turn it into a beautiful design, and when you are happy with it, we get to work on the construction!

Choose RC Cole Construction for all of Your West Palm Beach Home Renovations

With nearly two decades of construction experience in West Palm Beach, RC Cole Construction has helped many clients with their new kitchen or bathroom remodels. We know how to get the job done right, taking your ideas and turning them into reality. To see what we can do for you, check out our previous projects or contact us for a free quote today!