Commercial Kitchen Remodels

If you have been searching for the best company to help with a commercial kitchen remodel, then trust in R.C. Cole Construction for the most innovative, versatile and efficient designs. No matter what type of commercial kitchen remodeling project you require, R.C. Cole Construction is able to help create the room of your dreams. Whether you need a change in the restaurant kitchen or kitchens to be updated in an apartment complex, R.C. Cole Construction is ready to assist you with your needs.

Working with R.C. Cole Construction for Commercial Kitchen Remodeling

R.C. Cole Construction is a leading residential and commercial remodeling company with the mission to provide you with the opportunity to bring your dream location ideas to fruition.

Advantages of Having R.C. Cole Construction for Commercial Kitchen Design

When you go to R.C Cole Construction to make positive changes to your commercial kitchen, you get more than just exceptional customer service. You get an organized plan, concrete idea of what’s in store, and a result that exceeds your standards. Having a commercial kitchen design that supports the theme, concept and overall tone of a restaurant can play a vital role when it comes to implementing changes for a successful business.

Change the Atmosphere of Your Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen layout can either promote or inhibit a welcoming environment. There are ways that you can redesign a commercial kitchen to make it support an atmosphere that is open, inviting, and organized. When you walk into a restaurant, for example, it is best when the space is comfortable and pleasant for both guests and employees. The more space that is created in the kitchen, the more employees can work to get food prepared and ultimately get out to give to the guests quicker. More room and cabinets in the kitchen can also allow for less of a crowded feel as well as better places to put utensils, seasonings, etc. Better efficiency can help productivity and make your commercial location excel.

Update Old Appliances and Make Necessary Changes

A great reason to turn to R.C Cole Construction for your commercial kitchen remodeling needs is our construction team can help you update old or nonworking appliances which play a vital role in the best functionality in the kitchen for your business. With the latest appliances placed and installed in your commercial kitchen, you will be able to prepare food, cook, and bake at a much faster rate. Not to mention, if any appliances are barely working or broken, there is no reliability, and the last thing any restaurant owner wants is a delay for a guest’s food.

Have a Team Design For You

The Best part about turning to R.C. Cole Construction to handle your commercial kitchen renovation is that you don’t have to deal with the nitty-gritty because the construction team gets to handle it all for you. If you are a stressed business owner, then you may feel that even the idea of dealing with one more issue is frustrating and can make you reach boiling point. This is why it can be such a relief when you can put your trust into the ideal construction company like R.C. Cole Construction. Our team handles matters from start to finish with your approval so that you get the best possible outcome without putting in the labor or project management.

Attract Larger Crowd With Grand Reopening

Consider the great idea where a commercial kitchen renovation leads to a grand reopening for your business. For example, if you own or operate a restaurant and you still find a way to leave your business running during the renovation process, you can still have a grand reopening to get more clients to come to your restaurant and celebrate the completion of a newly renovated commercial kitchen.

Process of Commercial Kitchen Remodels with R.C. Cole Construction

When you work with R.C. Cole Construction, the commercial kitchen redesign process is made simple.


The process for your commercial kitchen renovation with R.C. Cole Construction begins with a consultation. We always provide free quotes for projects and this initial discussion can lead to a more specific conversation about the details of your commercial kitchen renovation.

Choosing Commercial Kitchen Design

Before any actual demolition or construction takes place, it is important to have a good idea of what you want to do for the commercial kitchen design. This is why the discussion with your team at R.C. Cole Construction can help you get a good idea of what is the best possibility for your commercial kitchen.

Tear Down

When a plan is put in place for your commercial kitchen redesign, R.C. Cole is prepared to move forward with taking down any pieces, parts, appliances, cabinets and such in order to begin the process of the commercial kitchen renovation. Tiles or alternate flooring may need to be taken out for some commercial kitchen design plans. Others may involve removing kitchen cabinetry, taking off cabinet doors, etc.


Once a teardown of your commercial kitchen begins, the rebuilding can start on your new commercial kitchen redesign. There may be some plumbing and electrical issues to get back up and running. R.C. Cole makes sure this is all taken care of in a timely and efficient manner. After this is set, then the next step is adding new cabinets, changing the floors, revamping surfaces, etc. However your commercial kitchen redesign plan looks, you can count on R.C. Cole to help create the space you have been wanting.


At R.C. Cole Construction, customer satisfaction is important to us. This is why we dedicate our time to creating the best, most efficient commercial kitchen renovations. We want you to love the outcome of your commercial kitchen project, so we pay close attention to every little finishing touch.

R.C. Cole Construction, the Best Commercial Kitchen Renovations Company

Whether you are planning on a few minor commercial kitchen changes or a complete commercial kitchen redesign, R.C. Cole Construction is the leading commercial redesign and construction company for you. Paying close attention to every idea and detail required, we work hard to transform your commercial kitchen into a work of art. To set up a consultation and get a free quote today, contact R.C. Cole Construction today.