Commercial Bathroom Remodels

Do you have a location in desperate need of a commercial bathroom renovation? As a leading bathroom renovation and construction company, R.C. Cole Construction is dedicated to creating the best possible space in your commercial location.

Have R.C. Cole Construction Work on Your Commercial Bathroom Remodel

Having over two decades worth of experience in commercial bathroom remodels and residential home renovations, R.C. Cole Construction is equipped with the right knowledge and skills to transform any part of your commercial location.

Benefits of Commercial Bathroom Renovations with R.C. Cole Construction

There are a number of benefits from working with R.C. Cole Construction on your commercial bathroom renovation. Whether you need to make a few changes or need a complete commercial bathroom makeover, R.C. Cole Construction has you covered.

Creates Clean, New, and Upscale Bathroom Space

Getting a commercial bathroom renovation provides you with the opportunity to create more space. The more space you have in the bathroom, the more comfortable people may feel. Clutter can make people feel constrained, so opening up any room is definitely a good quality. Whether you want to carve out more space where there’s available room or add more stalls, R.C. Cole Construction can help transform your ideas and make them a reality.

Updated Toilets, Sinks and Stalls

Nobody likes walking into a commercial bathroom location and seeing damage. When you get a commercial bathroom makeover, you can select updated versions of toilets, sinks, and stalls. When you have a nice bathroom, it can change the entire tone of the commercial business. Cleanliness is key to professionalism and class.

Bring in Professionals to Take Care of it For You

Turning to R.C. Cole Construction for your commercial bathroom renovations is great because the remodeling process is taken care of for you! Nothing can be more stressful to an owner or operator of a commercial location than more projects – a renovation nonetheless! With R.C. Cole Construction coming in to handle the project from the start to completion, you don’t have time to get caught up in making any physical changes yourself.

Commercial bathroom Remodel Process with R.C. Cole Construction

The process that R.C. Cole Construction follows is simple but effective. From beginning to end, R.C. Cole Construction has a plan to lead you to a brand new commercial bathroom remodel that you are sure to love!

Remodel Consultation

Like our other commercial renovation projects, a commercial bathroom remodel begins with a consultation. At R.C. Cole Construction, we offer free commercial renovation quotes. Once you have your quote, we can begin discussing plans and move forward with a commercial bathroom design.

Brainstorm Ideas for Commercial Bathroom Design

It’s helpful to have an idea of what you want, but R.C. Cole Construction has a team of experts that will gladly walk you through some options and explain ideas for your commercial bathroom remodel. if you are trying to come up with some good options for what type of floors would look best or what type of faucet or bathroom countertop looks good, then browsing the internet and looking at magazines can be great for inspiration.

Demolition Takes Place

Before any further action is taken for your commercial bathroom remodeling project, the demolition process must occur. We need to remove the unwanted parts of the room, like floors and cabinetry, so that we can make additions for the complete commercial bathroom renovation.

Renovation Begins

When everything you no longer want in your new commercial bathroom is out, we can bring in the flooring, cabinets, and such that you want as part of your brand new bathroom remodel. At R.C. Cole Construction, we make sure that everything gets restored and is able to be used properly.

What It’s Like Having R.C. Construction for a Commercial bathroom Remodel

When you have R.C. Cole Construction as your commercial bathroom remodeling team, you choose professionals committed to excellence. Choosing to have R.C. Cole Construction for commercial bathroom remodeling will help you get more than a new bathroom – you get excellent customer service, organization, your ideas brought to life, and unbelievable results. We want to help you get the best result for your commercial bathroom renovation. Contact R.C. Cole Construction today to get your free quote on your next commercial bathroom remodeling project.